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About Rajdeep

Rajdeep’s Fitness Story:Being suffered from several prolonged diseases from childhood, the first step as a challenge he took to learn Traditional Yoga to improve his immunity. That was the stepping stone of his life to fight back. Then he joined the Cricket Academy at the age of 16, represented various clubs and levels of cricket. Though cricket as a career didn’t allow him to continue, but back of his mind he always had an inclination to grow his passion and turn his career as a Fitness Professional and Expert.

When first he joined gym at the age of 16, he was a typical malnutrition boy with no hope in life. He took it as a challenge and with proper diet he grew up stronger day by day with proper training. Even in his IT career and with corporate lifestyle he hardly missed his workout. Now almost 17 years of various kinds of strength, conditioning & weight training he has completed his certification from K11 Fitness Academy, Level 1 Kettlebell Certified from EKFA 24x7 and Sports & Nutrition from ISSA. He is also a National CPR Foundation first aid certificate (CPR/AED). As a career in fitness the first breakthrough he got to be a part of Gold’s Gym. He worked with many people of all different body types, all with different goals. He trained clients one on one in the gym and also ran boot camps, training groups of 10+ people, helping them changing their lives.

His goal in life is to help as many people as possible transform their physique and change their lives for the better. He truly believe that online personal training is the most effective way to do this! 

Rajdeep, an IT Graduate worked with many multinationals as a successful professional, turned into a passionate fitness & nutrition specialist. He is a ISSA Certified Specialist in Sports & Nutrition, K11 Fitness Academy Certified Fitness Professional and also an EKFA 24x7. Over 20 years of experience in Traditional Yoga. An Ex-First division cricketer from Cricket Association of Bengal.

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