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Snigdha’s Spiritual Journey:Snigdha began her career as a corporate executive & she has worked with various reputed organisations. She also holds a doctorate degree in International Business from a reputed B-School. Snigdha was clairvoyant as a child, and had many profound spiritual experiences as she was growing up. She had her calling in life to help people.

She has had her share of life challenges, and always managed to heal these issues on the surface; yet, with time the wounds surfaced at regular intervals. It was no coincidence when during a very difficult time she met her mentors & various spiritual gurus all over the world. This was the turning point in her life. Through her limited knowledge she began communicating with her Guardian Angels and Archangel Michael. Very quickly her childhood gift of being a psychic began resurfacing.

In May 2012, her Angels guided her to begin her journey of enlightenment with Dr. Doreen Virtue. She got trained under Dr. Doreen Virtue, Charles Virtue, Radliegh Valentine & John Holland on Angel Intuitive, Angel Tarot Card Reading, Mediumship. She is also a Certified Fariologist & Certified Realm Reader. She also got trained by Diana Copper & Sunita Singad on various Angel Communications & Crystal Therapy. Recently, she successfully completed with Robert Reeves to became a Certified Flower Healer & Therapist. The journey of her personal evolution in the spiritual space continues as she continues to look for more ways in which she is able to feed her restlessness to help people achieve their goals.

Today Snigdha Majumder conducts her own workshops that address various aspects of our own evolution. She has developed her own unique empowering style a powerful combination of her own learning through time tested methods that have benefited thousands from across the globe. She continues to customize and take her workshop wherever her callings come from, be it individuals, institutes or industries.

About SNigdha 

Snigdhais a passionate Wellness & Life Coach, Healer, Angel Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Growth Addict + a Big Lover of Life. Snigdha makes HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE easy, exciting, fun and totally achievable for any busy, modern person on the go (like you!).