​​​Wellness Manifestation

Mind, Body & Soul

Traditional Yoga & Pranayams

  • Group/Individual Yoga & Pranayams & Breathing Exercise towards healthy disease free life.

Diet Counselling & Sports Nutrition

  • Consult over Phone, Email & Face to Face in person to receive a healthy diet/lifestyle counselling.

Strength & Conditioning Training

  • ​For all types of athletes, we personally provide 1:1 training to enhance Strength and Condition.
  • This is a very goal specific programme which varies from sports to sports.

Weight Loss / Gain Programme

  • We design programme for individuals with tailor made diet plan and workout schedule to achieve the dream physique.

Personality Transformation

  • We help our clients to transform their personality so that they look fabulous in all form of outfits and also will help them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Special Population Training

  • For Medically Challenged & Senior Citizens, we provide customised diet plan with minimum intensity exercise to reduce health risk towards a healthy lifestyle.

Contest Preparation

  • ​​Those who are preparing for various contests on a bigger platform to show the dream physique, this is the right place for image makeover for you.
  • We provide image counselling along with diet & supplementation.
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