​​Angel Tarot Card Readings 

  • Angel Tarot cards are a wonderful tool for personal & spiritual growth, as well as for developing and expanding upon your intuition. Communicating with God & our Angels should always be light-hearted & fun! True Divine Guidance is ALWAYS loving & supportive, bringing you the clarity & insight that you need most, right now!

Flower Therapy & Healing

  • ​Flowers are beautiful angels of nature that carry powerful essences, energy, and messages for us all. Using these Flowers & Flower Therapy Oracle Cards, we conduct healing sessions & readings to gain accurate and trustworthy guidance for yourself and others.  Whether you’re seeking answers for yourself or your loved ones, these cards can yield valuable insights. The flowers and the angels happily share their love and light!

Fairy Communications & Readings 

  • You'll learn all about the fairies and how to connect with and receive messages from them.
  • Connect, work & heal with the Fairies & Other Elementals. 

Angelic Realm Readings 

  • A realm reading focuses on the fact that our spirits all originated from different realms and that these beginnings have a massive effect on who we are.
  • When you discover your Realm, you learn SO much about yourself, including your life's purpose, and the secrets to your relationship patterns, personality, tastes.
  • Having a realm reading will give you a detailed report that will help you to understand yourself better and identify your pros and cons so that you can live a fuller and more richer life.

Angelic Mediumship 

  • ​The fastest way to heal from grief is to have healing conversations with departed loved ones. Awareness of the spirits and energy around you is a major step in taking control of your life. Ability to control spiritual influence on your life, karma, and subconscious thoughts brings you absolute energetic freedom. 
  • You can comfort yourself by communicating with your departed loved ones.

Dream Interpretation

  • We will help you to connect with the angels of dreamtime, techniques for dream recall and how to interpret the messages of your dreams.
  • We will also use the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards for dream interpretation and daily guidance.

Manifestation with Angels

  • God has a wonderful plan for you and your life, but sometimes we get in God’s way because we don’t have faith or we try to control everything ourselves. If you worry about finances, your future, or whether you’re fulfilling your purpose, then these fears can inter-fear with the flow of abundance coming to you.
  • Powerful guided meditations & exercises allow the angels to manifest your dreams into reality by removing blocks & making you aware through the steps to manifest all the desires of your heart and soul.
  • ​Manifestation with Angels will help you to increases your faith, confidence, and clarity so that you have the time, support, and energy to focus upon your life purpose.

Chakra Balancing & Colour Therapy 

  • A Chakra is like a spiral of energy, each one relating to the others. And Colour Therapy uses colour to balance the Chakras of the body. Each of the spectrum colours is simply light of varying wavelengths, thus each colour has its own particular energy. The energy relating to each of these spectrum colours resonates with the energy of each of the seven main chakras of the body.
  • Colour therapy help re balance these 'wheels' by applying the appropriate colour to the body and therefore re-balance our chakras. 

​​​Wellness Manifestation

Mind, Body & Soul